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Can You Microwave Jolly Ranchers? [Tested]

In 2008, the Jolly Rancher Candy Company decided to make their product more portable. And thus Jolly Rancher was born. [Tested]

Right now there are tons of “natural” candies out there, but some of them are downright dangerous. Many of the “fruit-flavored” chewables and gums contain artificial colors and flavors, preservatives (such as BHT and E403), and other ingredients you should be wary of.

Not to mention, the many candies that are marketed as “healthy” options have little nutritional value; a 1-oz. serving of Jolly Ranchers contains only 60 calories and is made entirely of sugar (with no fiber). It’s not very surprising, then, that there have been several reports about microwave injuries and burns that have occurred from accidentally microwaving Jolly Ranchers.

I LOVE Jolly Ranchers. They’re the kind of candy you can’t just munch on here and there because there’s always a whole sleeve of them in the fridge. They’re also the kind of candy that you can’t just eat in one sitting either because it will totally kill your mouth if you do. So, how exactly do you get around this? Well, according to a May 2013 article in the “New York Daily News”, you can actually microwave them.

Jolly Rancher is an American candy brand available in different colors and sweet fruit flavors. They can be melted into all sorts of delicious creations, but can Jolly Ranchers be used in the microwave? We bought a few bags at the store and tested them.

Can I make Jolly Rancher candy in the microwave?

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Jolly Ranchers are microwaveable and can be molded into new shapes. For one tablespoon of liquid candy, heat five candies on high for one minute. Continue heating in 15 second increments until desired consistency is reached.

Do they recommend melting down the Jolly Ranchers?

We were excited about the creativity of the Jolly Ranchers, but the reality did not live up to expectations. Working with these candies was much harder than working with candy melts, chocolate or even Nutella. When the hard caramel became liquid, we only had 15-20 seconds before it started to solidify and become unusable. Leftovers in a bowl or can are a nightmare to clean up.

We ended up using a new container each time and filling the dishwasher with dirty dishes. We were able to make a beautiful butterfly using a mold and we also made a rancher rose. But our overall experience with Jolly Rancher hard candy was messy and a bit disappointing. It is definitely not recommended for children.

How to microwave Jolly Ranchers

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Follow these instructions to turn candy into a perfect liquid for molding, apple icing, etc. Be extremely careful when heating sugary sweets, as this can cause serious burns.

  1. Divide eight Jolly Ranchers evenly among a microwave-safe bowl. You can only heat one color at a time.
  2. Place the bowl in the center of the microwave and heat on high for 80 seconds. Check the candy and if it has not liquefied, continue heating for 15 seconds at a time until it liquefies.
  3. Use a cloth or potholder to remove the container, but be very careful.

Tips for preparing Jolly Ranchers in the microwave

  • The Pyrex jug is an excellent jug because it doesn’t get as hot as other types of cookware and has a handle for easy pouring.
  • If the melted candy starts to solidify before you’re done, a 15 second blast of heat in the microwave will liquefy it again.
  • If reheating Jolly Ranchers in portions, use a different container or let them cool before reusing. Otherwise, it can become uncomfortably hot and difficult to handle.
  • You can melt more (or less) candy depending on what you want to do. For approximate cooking times, see heating instructions below.

Jolly RancherHeater Manual


Number of Merry Ranchers Heating time Amount of liquid
4 60 seconds. 10 ml
8 Eighty seconds. 20 ml
16 120 seconds. 40 ml

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5 Best Ways to Use Molten Jolly Ranchers

1. Getting creative withtools

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Jolly Ranchers are colorful and delicious, but they come out best when you make something creative out of them. You can make treats for Halloween or the holidays. Thematic forms, such as. B. Jewelry, are perfect for children’s birthday parties.

Get your favorite mold out of the closet or buy a new one and get to work! Always use high quality moulds, suitable for high temperature dishes. Some cheaper plastic molds won’t stand up to the heat of your candy. As the candy melts, work quickly because it hardens very quickly.

2. Making your own lollipops

Eating on a stick is becoming more and more fun. So why not turn your usual Jolly Ranchers into homemade lollipops? You’ll need candy molds and candy canes. Go to your local bakery or a department store like Walmart to stock up on supplies.

You can also search online for the equipment you need. Follow our heating instructions, then pour the melted candy into the molds and place the sticks in the center of each mold. You can also add edible flowers.

3. Sweetened thirst-quenching drinks

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Melted Jolly Ranchers are particularly suitable for hot drinks because they are easy to stir. Mint tea with the sweet taste of watermelon or grapes is not for everyone. But others like the combination. To get half a cup of liquid, you need to melt 12 hard candies.

You can put some Jolly Rancher candy in a small glass or empty bottle and fill the rest with vodka or gin. Leave it overnight and you have a colorful drink with extra flavor. The alcohol destroys the candy, so there is no need to melt it for this recipe.

4. Design Rancher Roses

As you can see, these hard candies are a versatile ingredient in the kitchen! Another suggestion is to make roses, which are perfect for garnishing cakes and desserts or for a loving gift. Equipment: Latex gloves, outside. A microwave is not required for this project. Instead, put about 6 red pines in a bowl of hot water and steep for 2 minutes.

Then remove the wrapper from the first candy and flatten it with your fingers. Shape it into a petal and roll it up. It should look like the center of a rose. Flatten the candy further and wrap it around the first candy to form a whole rose. Finally, melt a few green candies and form them into leaves that will surround the rosebud.

5. Making sweet apples

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Coating apples with melted fruit candy is a delicious snack that combines healthy and not-so-healthy. You’ll need a whole pack of Jolly Ranchers for this, unless you just want candied apple. To make a whole batch, insert popsicle sticks or sturdy craft sticks into the apples and then dip them into the liquid lollipop. Once you have applied enough coating, hold the pan over the pan for about 30 seconds until the coating hardens slightly. Once the apple is no longer liquid, place it on parchment paper or a plate and let it rest for 5 minutes before using.

Nailed down ?

We tried to make enough candy for one apple and the result was terrible. Look at the picture below. If you melt a small amount of candy, it will harden before you can pour it on the apple. Try to avoid our mistake!

Quick Tips

  • When preparing the candied apples, it is best to use a hot plate, as this will keep the liquid melted.
  • We have found that candy cooked in the microwave hardens too quickly, which takes away from the flavor of the candy.
  • Use a deep bowl to cover the fruit. If there’s not much moisture left, don’t dip it, but pour it over the apple.
  • If you don’t like apples, you can also dip grapes.

Frequently asked questions

Is hard toffee or jelly best for microwave use?

We tested the fusion of Jolly Rancher hard candy and jelly beans and found that the hard candy made a smoother, easier to pour liquid. The jelly was hard to work with after only a few seconds of heating.

What is a Jolly Rancher?

Jolly Ranchers is a type of sweet candy that is individually wrapped. They come in flavors like watermelon, green apple, cherry, grape and blue raspberry. Although the most popular type is the hard candy, the brand also makes gum, jelly beans, Twizzlers and gummy bears.

Can I heat other types of candy in the microwave?

We tried reheating Jolly Rancher gum and candy and found out that it is not microwaveable. Once melted, the texture quickly hardens and cannot be processed. As with other candy brands, we recommend contacting the manufacturer to ensure their products can be melted.

How do you keep Jolly Ranchers from sticking to the cap?

To prevent melted candy from sticking to the bowl, it’s best to use glass, as it’s easy to clean after baking. To remove hardened candy, wash it in boiling water or put it in the dishwasher.

How do you melt Jolly Ranchers in the oven?

Place the candy in a glass baking dish and place in a preheated 350°F (177°C) oven. After 10 to 12 minutes, the candy should melt and liquefy. Do not stir the pastry while heating, or unwanted air bubbles will form.


Some products are not ideal for the microwave, such as Eggos or Pop Tarts; however, Jolly Rancher candies do not lose their quality when heated in this manner. They can also be reduced to a liquid state faster than baking or cooking on a stove. If you need to melt candy quickly and easily, a microwave is perfect. Remember that candy hardens much faster than chocolate, so work quickly. Be careful when heating the sugar, as it sticks to the skin and can burn severely.

We do not recommend this project as a meal for young children.Can You Microwave Jolly Ranchers? [Tested] In the world of healthy eating, there are many diets—not to mention cooking techniques—that have claimed to help you lose weight, but there is one that stands the test of time. The only real way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume, and the Jolly Rancher diet is a proven method for doing just that..

Read more about how to melt hard candy into syrup and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to microwave Jolly Ranchers?

These days, there’s no shortage of chocolate candy on store shelves. And, as any candy lover will tell you, there’s nothing quite like a Jolly Rancher. These little suckers have a rich, creamy center and a pleasantly tart, fruity flavor that’s best described as a cross between candy corn and a lemon drop. It’s a common practice, but is it safe to heat up a whole Jolly Rancher candy by placing it in a microwave?

Can you melt Jolly Ranchers in the oven?

One summer, I asked a group of college students if they could microwave Jolly Ranchers. Surprisingly, some said yes, while others said the candy wouldn’t melt in the microwave at all. I decided to find out by conducting an experiment. Can you microwave Jolly Ranchers? It turns out that the candy melts, but only if you use boiling water. The candy is only able to melt with water at a certain temperature (about 118°F) and for a certain amount of time (about 30 seconds).

So, I would recommend eating Jolly Ranchers at room temperature, unless you like a melted candy mess. If you’re looking to impress the kids with your culinary skills, you might try tricking them into thinking you’re baking a cake by taking their favorite candies, shiny wrappers and all, and putting them in the oven. But before you start cooking, be sure to read the FAQ on the Jolly Ranchers website, as the company warns there’s a trick to the candy’s donut-like shape that makes it melt into an oily mess.

How do you soften Jolly Ranchers?

You microwave Jolly Ranchers all the time, but do you know the crafty way to soften the candy? Well if you don’t, we’re here to help. We’ve found three different ways you can soften a Jolly Rancher and help it conform to the shape of your mouth. Jell-O brand Jolly Ranchers are made with a hard candy shell that can be difficult to cut into small pieces for serving. The pieces can also sometimes be too hard to chew.

The solution is to soften the hard candy shell. This is accomplished by microwave heating the candy shell in a bowl in a microwave safe bowl for about one minute. The heated hard candy shell rolls into a soft ball with a soft texture that can be easily chewed.

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