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How to Become Famous on TikTok: A Short Guide for Newbies

The TikTok app appeared only 6 years ago, but during this time it has gone viral – now it is one of the most visited resources. At the same time, over the past 2 years, the audience of the network has changed significantly. It used to be a place for teenagers and children, but now everyone is here – adult famous influencers, celebrities, major brands and even politicians. Well, this is a great platform for selling goods and services, promoting personal brand and creativity. But how to succeed in a highly competitive environment?

The first thing you need to develop is a high-quality reliable promotion strategy. Without this, growth is impossible; do not rely entirely on smart algorithms and luck, it will not bring you the desired result. Today we’ll talk about 3 relevant ways to attract followers that will contribute to your growth and development in the network.

Paid PR services


Many newbies believe that to achieve fame, it is enough to come up with an interesting nickname, regularly post videos and respond to comments. This is not quite true. Yes, of course, all this is important. But how to make sure that your videos are in the FYP of other users as often as possible? Your statistical indicators should be on top. The number of followers, likes, views and likes directly affects the virality of the video. Algorithms send only clips from valuable authors to trends – this is extremely clear.

Well, what can you do to improve your statistics? First of all, take care of subscribers, if there are enough of them, the page statistics will noticeably improve. The fastest, easiest and most effective way is to buy TikTok followers cheap. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to get at least 1k real subs – they’ll be delivered to you within a few hours. You can get TikTok followers using Viplikes. Don’t be afraid to invest little by little in your online future; this way you can become more competitive and increase the visibility of content.

Take part in challenges

Challenges are the heart of youth video hosting. Some adult bloggers believe that only teenagers and lifestyle bloggers can take part in such activities. This is a big misconception. Challenges allow bloggers to become more famous by contributing to their visibility. Explore the Discovery Tab; here are all the current trends and challenges. Watch a few of them and choose what might be interesting to your target viewers. An interesting plot, a popular sound, your own “highlight” and a vivid image are all you need to create a viral challenge video.

Collaborate with other TikTokers


Today there are many other creators who are looking for an opportunity to become more popular and declare themselves to a large audience. You’re not alone – team up with others to achieve the same goal. Don’t look at promotion as a competition. There are billions of users on the web, and each of them watches more than one blogger. Sharing an audience is not bad, but absolutely normal, and even useful.

You’ve many opportunities to create collaborative content: reactions, duets and Live. Use them wisely – cooperate with another creator and talk about each other, improving social authority. After a while, you’ll see that interest in your content will grow significantly. A little later, you can consider the possibility of paid PR from more well-known bloggers. Good luck!