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5 Most Common Sexual Fetishes You Didn’t Think You Might Have

It’s common knowledge people receive sexual gratification from different sources. In other words, what some might perceive as triviality or, vice versa, perversity, others might find exciting and sexually appealing. And while it’s considered completely fine to get turned on at the sight of bulging muscles, sexy curves, or nudity, experiencing sexual desire when seeing shoes or warts might seem strange or even creepy. But it’s important to keep in mind that people don’t come into this world with a preselected set of preferences, abilities, and drives. So, it’s OK to have your own fetishes, like non-living objects or certain non-sexual body parts.

Fetishes come in different forms and sizes. It’s not a secret that some people find feet or navels extremely hot, while others take a genuine sexual interest in mucus or mud. No wonder, a good many people feel shame and discomfort when thinking about or indulging in their fetishes. It’s still uncommon to openly speak about our kinks and unconventional sexual preferences. If you also experience any negative feelings about your particular fetish, try to analyze its roots and consequences first. If your worries persist, try and seek professional advice. Still, if your fetishes don’t cause you or those around you any distress and don’t break any laws, you can consider them harmless.

Below are some popular fetishes that involve a sexual fixation on certain materials, body parts, fluids, and non-sexual objects. Check them out right now!

1. Transformation Fetish


As simple as it sounds, a transformation fetish involves sexual fantasies about getting transformed into other human beings, creatures, or inanimate objects. A transfer fetish triggers intense sexual arousal in individuals encountering the descriptions of situations where partners switch bodies, or where people change their shape, gender, or appearance under the influence of a certain virus or potion. Transformation fetishists often engage in role-play activities involving dressing uk like the members of the opposite sex, mythological creatures, or even abstract entities to get in the mood for intercourse or increase their sexual appetite.

2. Leather Fetish 

A leather fetish is quite popular among people of different ages and statuses. It involves preferences for leather materials, which trigger sexual arousal and desire. Some fetishists get turned on by the very sight of leather and like how they look in leather attire. Others get horny when their partners put on leather garments. Lots of people admit that clothing and accessories made of leather spice up their love life and make sensations brighter.

3. Footwear Fetish 


Those obsessed with footwear fetish tend to attribute exceptional sexual qualities to shoes or their certain types. For example, stilettos, stripper shoes, and knee-high boots have long been sexualized and used in role-playing. And for good reason! Shoes and boots carry manifold sexual connotations and therefore are often used during or leading up to sex.

4. Lactophilia 

It comes as no surprise that swollen female breasts evoke sexual fantasies in beholders. But unlike regular boob lovers, lactophiles get extremely horny at the sight of lactating breasts and other breastfeeding activities.

Erotic lactation can be a great way to add flavor to a relationship and make it more fun and diverse. Some people, though, develop a very strong fixation on lactation. As a result, these individuals experience intense orgasms only when having sex with breastfeeding women or when suckling on their breasts.

5. Navel Fetish 


A navel fetish, also known as alvinophilia, is another popular paraphilia where an individual is sexually attracted to belly buttons. Just like any orifice in a human body, a navel is associated with sensual pleasure and penetration. These days, lots of people say they get turned on when they look at their partners’ navels. Some navel fetishists also admit that they experience explosive and longer-lasting orgasms when their belly button is being teased.

Partners often enjoy sticking fingers into each other’s navels, orally stimulating this body part, or even rubbing their genitals against it. And as long as safety precautions are observed, your navel play can bring a lot of fun to your bedroom.

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