Music Promotion on Spotify – A Modern Gold Rush!

Are you following the news? How often do you hear about musicians losing their careers due to imperfections in Spotify algorithms? You have never shared such stories, even in specialized magazines. But this problem is real, and it haunts millions of music creators nowadays who have chosen Spotify as their primary uploading platform. And don’t be alarmed right now, don’t be scared. I will give you an ultimate weapon against this scary beast – music promotion on Spotify.


This may not come naturally to you, but a competent, organic Spotify promotion can be a helping hand, a life-saving raft that is waiting for you, ready to assist at any moment. Even if your career is doing just fine, a small, healthy infusion of fresh plays or followers is always welcome. Won’t you agree with me on this? By promoting your music on Spotify, you are making a statement. You are saying…, no, you are screaming and shouting that your music is worth listening to. And the more you invest in promotion — the louder you shout!

Now you might say that you have more practical ways to spend money than paying for the promotion. Why even should you invest in something that should work naturally? You haven’t created your Spotify account in hopes of spending hundreds of dollars each year on promotion just to stay afloat. You were creating this account because you believed in Spotify, its algorithms, and smart systems. But as soon as you have started uploading, all those systems have shown their true face. And that face is ugly!


I am not trying to sell you anything, just giving you friendly advice. Look at modern promotion techniques. They have nothing in common with what you were expecting to see. There are no fake accounts, or bots. All there are – effective, socially acceptable, and ethically correct tricks. Social engineering, social networking, various platforms, corporations, magazines, email bursts, and many, many other ways to generate real traffic. It looks like magic, works like magic, and certainly feels like it. If it wasn’t so effective, would thousands of musicians spend money on it every day? Isn’t that proof of its effectiveness?

Surely, you can live without music promotion on Spotify. But if you value your time, you will consider investing in it. If you are a creative person, you can’t allow yourself to waste precious hours every day trying to learn music promotion yourself. You need time to create, to let your creativity spread its wings. It wants to fly, and by paying for the promotion, you must let it.


No matter what other people are saying, you have the talent. You have a desire and dream to be more, to be popular and liked. And if the only thing that is stopping you from becoming a worldwide sensation is your inability to promote your music – you are doomed. And doomed in a bad way. The industry will not give you a second chance. Either you succeed or fail and go work at McDonald’s. Do you want to work at McDonald’s till the end of your days? Or do you want to sign multi-million dollar contracts and gather full stadiums of fans? It certainly looks like a rhetorical question to me.