Buy Instagram Followers: How to Buy Instagram Fans & Likes

Being the most popular image-oriented social media platform, Instagram was destined to become the place where everyone has a chance to become famous. That’s why the most valuable resource on this platform is followers. Their number defines what other people think about your profile, how brands think of you in terms of promotion, and finally, followers count decides how much engagement you get.

While you can go the long way around and start earning people’s attention and trust in a more traditional and time-consuming way — quality content, paid promotion, content planning — you can speed up the process a little bit and buy more followers for your Instagram profile. “Soc-Promotion” offers the most affordable options for more followers — try them out now:

Is it safe to purchase followers?


Technically, Instagram is against buying followers and activity metrics such as likes or views. But there are two points that make this purchase totally worth it:

  1. You can order a package with follows from real people targeted as your potential audience — this way the growth will look organic and people won’t unfollow you later.
  2. It’s a perfect kickstart for your bigger marketing strategies. When people start actively following a profile, the algorithm thinks this account has relevant and attention-worthy posts, promoting them higher in the users’ feeds.

There’s one thing to keep in mind, though — too many new followers at the same time is a big red flag for the algorithm. Your account might even get banned for suspicious activity! This is why you might want to grow your audience in moderate portions. If you have only a few posts and suddenly thousands of people are following you, that definitely looks like something fishy is going on.

The best way to buy followers safely is to order small packages from time to time, ensuring your growth looks as organic as possible.

Where to buy genuine Insta followers?


There are plenty of services that offer you different packages and even bundles for a variety of prices. Some of them are scams, some are not — how to find a decent service?

Rule #1: make sure the website has a valid SSL certificate, and payment options are convenient for everyone (i.e. the website accepts Visa and MasterCard, and not just Bitcoin or not widely known payment systems).

Rule #2: a good service will drip-feed your followers to make it look more natural for the Instagram algorithm and for other users.

Rule #3: check the website for real reviews.

Rule #4: check if there is a proper refund policy.

To make your results look a hundred times better and make everything look as natural as possible, use the best practices of running an Instagram account: post relevant content, make sure your images or videos are high-quality, and publish your posts regularly — that’s the basics. Add more traffic from your other social media, and polish it by purchasing new followers in appropriate amounts.

“Soc-Promotion” is a perfect place to boost activity on your profile. Buy 100, 250, and as many as 50000 new followers to make your account popular. It’s easy:

  • choose a package;
  • enter your email and @ of the account you want to promote;
  • proceed to payment options and enjoy the first results in 24 hours after completing the payment.

Why does the quality matter?


The more, the better — it works perfectly with followers’ count, but also you might want to make sure your new audience at least looks legit. The reason is obvious — people can quickly define if you have bots instead of real people following you, and bots are a red flag for good promotion.

Focus on organic growth — you need real people to follow you, or else you won’t get any engagement with your posts. Combine buying new followers with other well-known techniques to make more users know you: paid promotions, activity on other users’ profiles, directing the traffic from your other sources. Only real people will provide you with the visibility you need. It works like a chain: the more people notice you, the more profile visits you have, the more people want to follow you.

Remember that only real people can give your promotion real results — it’s all about reputation these days, and if you’re lying about how many people actually follow you for your content, you’re losing everything on this platform.

Also, worth noting that Instagram’s algorithm is really great at detecting fake activity. This is why ordering activity packages from sketchy websites is dangerous — the algorithm will instantly recognize a fake activity and put your profile under sanctions.

You need engagement from your audience — without that, your profile is just a silent gallery. By buying high-quality real followers, more real people will notice your content and might want to follow you.

And remember — there are affordable services and cheap ones. Affordable services like “Soc-Promotion” care about the quality and provide you with the safest ways to promote your Insta for a reasonable price.

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