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12 of the Best Companion Plants for Growing Marijuana

Here we will go over 12 companion plants for growing marijuana.

Naturally, plants growing outdoors are subject to the infiltration of invasive weeds and pests. By filling available ground space with companion plants you can safeguard your crop.

Companion plants serve as a defense method against pests by deterring them with potent aromas and against disease by slowing infection. A good companion plant will also provide nutritional benefits simultaneously.

If you are new to growing marijuana or have struggled with cultivation in the past, introducing companion plants to your garden may be the addition your cherished cannabis crops need.

Let’s jump right in!

1) Basil

Source: healthline.com

Consumer reports show that when Basil is grown beside cannabis, the buds taste sweeter and provide smoother hits. Basil also repels aphids, slugs, whiteflies, mosquitos, and mites while attracting pollinators like butterflies and bees.

2) Cerastium

Source: gardenia.net

Cerastium works well with cannabis because it quickly spreads across the soil, locking in moisture and protecting microbial life from the sun. Cover crops also help protect cannabis by slowing the spread of disease.

3) Alfalfa

Source: dekalbasgrowdeltapine.com

Alfalfa is easy to grow, sprouts fast, and takes up minimal root space, which makes it an ideal companion plant to sow if you are in a rush to get some ground cover. Alfalfa improves soil quality by working with soil bacteria to draw nitrogen from the atmosphere.

4) Lavender

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Lavender is great for indoor and outdoor cultivation since it works well to mask potent cannabis aromas. The smell of lavender is loved by humans but hated by pests. Mice, fleas, moths, and ticks will keep their distance from your crop if lavender is nearby.

5) Marigold

Source: gardendesign.com

Marigolds act as the perfect distraction to other humans and some insects. When a person sees your bright, booming marigolds, they will hardly notice your cannabis.

On the other hand, aphids and wasps thrive on these flowers, distracting them from your marijuana. Additionally, marigold roots create a natural insecticide that spreads to other plants through the soil.

6) Sunflowers

Source: theconversation.com

Well-cared-for sunflowers can reach heights of over ten feet tall, making them the perfect shield for small cannabis plants. Sunflowers also provide your marijuana protection from harsh weather conditions and attract pollinators.

7) Mint

Source: tastingtable.com

Mint is one of the most widely used cannabis companion plants because it is easy to grow and acts as the ultimate insect repellant. The only scent that bugs hate more than citrus is mint so, many cultivators plant mint around their cannabis to work as a forcefield.

Additionally, mint masks the smell of cannabis from the public, and the terpenes often transfer to your bud.

8) Chamomile

Source: thespruce.com

Chamomile is a perennial flowering plant that serves many benefits to cannabis plants. When these flowers are in your garden, whiteflies and mosquitos will stay away, but hoverflies will hang around. Attracting hoverflies is beneficial because if hungry, they will try to eat any insect they come across.

Additionally, chamomile produces chemicals that prevent fungal infections.

9) Lemon Balm

Source: pangaeaplants.com

Lemon balm is a popular cannabis companion option because its strong scent wards off nearly all insects. Lemon balm is also his in limonene terpenes, which can carry over to your marijuana, improving the smell and taste of your buds.

10) Clover

Source: oneearth.org

Clover is a great companion plant if nitrogen and nutrient deficiencies are an issue for your cannabis. Clover draws nitrogen deep from the soil and deposits it in the vegetation above. This plant also sucks nutrients from the air, storing them in the soil and providing it to your cannabis.

Clover also improves plant quality by attracting bees and pollinators and serving as a prime mulch compost once it wilts and dies.

11) Yarrow

Source: silverfallsseed.com

Yarrow is a tall, dense flowering plant that provides visual coverage to your cannabis plants. These white flowers are said to boost the essential oil production of nearby plants. If true, that means your weed will produce more potent, aromatic, and flavored buds after sharing the garden with them.

Yarrow also attracts predatory insects that feast on harmful bugs like aphids, keeping their tiny mouths off your crop.

12) Dill

Source: lovethegarden.com

Dill is another tall plant that if left uncut, will quickly tower over your cannabis, hiding it from nosey neighbors. Dill also protects your crop from spider mites and caterpillars, which are generally hard to repel.

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