7 Jewelry Companies for Gender-Neutral Accessories

Jewelry offers a unique way to express our individuality and sense of style. For those who don’t feel limited by traditional gender roles, jewelry companies that specialize in gender-neutral accessories offer a perfect avenue for expressing themselves.

From minimalist designs to bold statements pieces, these seven jewelry companies have something for everyone looking to break free from the confines of traditional gender-based shopping. Whether you’re looking for a signature look or something just for fun, these jewelry companies offer an abundance of gender-neutral options.

Read on to learn more about these seven jewelry companies and the accessories they offer.



This Brooklyn-based jewelry company offers a wide selection of gender-neutral pieces, ranging from rings and earrings to necklaces and bracelets. All pieces are handmade by their in-house designers using ethically sourced materials.

Popular offerings from Catbird include the Rose Ring, which is made from 14 karat gold and inspired by Victorian jewelry designs; the Petal Stud Earrings, crafted from sterling silver with delicate petals encircling tiny stones; and the Twisted Chain Necklace, featuring an elegant twisted chain design in both sterling silver and 14k gold.


This Toronto-based online jewelry retailer has an extensive selection of gender-neutral pieces, from statement hoop earrings to sleek signet rings. All their jewelry is crafted with high-quality materials and production processes.

Popular pieces offered by Mejuri include the Mini Pavé Hoops, a pair of 14k gold hoop earrings set with brilliant diamonds; the Threader Earrings, featuring a unique threader design crafted from sterling silver and embellished with diamond-cut stones; and the Large Signet Ring, a signature signet ring made from 14k gold for an instant classic look.

Stone and Strand


This New York-based jewelry company specializes in gender-neutral pieces that are both timeless and modern. Their jewelry is crafted with quality materials like 18kt gold, ethically sourced diamonds, and conflict-free gemstones.

Popular pieces offered by Stone and Strand include the Diamond Solitaire Necklace, a classic necklace featuring a single round diamond set in 18kt gold; the Gold Earrings, made from 18kt yellow gold for an elegant look; and the Multi-Gemstone Bracelet, featuring blue sapphires and emeralds set in 18kt yellow gold.


This NYC-based company offers a line of gender-neutral jewelry in gold and silver for both men and women. They also partner with various nonprofits to support education initiatives through their “buy one give one” program.

Popular pieces offered by AUrate include the Trio Diamond Necklace, a modern necklace featuring three diamonds set in 14k gold; the Initial Signet Ring, an adjustable ring with a personalized initial design crafted from sterling silver or 14k gold; and the 10mm Cufflinks, a classic pair of cufflinks made from sterling silver and embellished with diamond



This Miami-based jewelry and accessories company offers a range of gender-neutral pieces, from dainty necklaces and bracelets to bolder cufflinks and rings. Their designs are inspired by the nautical lifestyle of their hometown.

Popular pieces offered by Miansai include the Roman Numerals Necklace, a sleek and modern necklace made from sterling silver and featuring elegant Roman numerals; the Anchor Cufflinks, crafted from brass with detailed anchor designs; and the Wrap Ring, made from brass with a unique wrap design.

Staghead Designs

This Austin-based jewelry designer offers a range of gender-neutral pieces, from necklaces and earrings to rings and cufflinks. All their jewelry is made with ethically sourced materials and craftsmanship.

Popular pieces offered by Staghead Designs include the Feather Earrings, a delicate pair of earrings made from sterling silver and featuring feathers detailed with tiny stones; the Anchor Necklace, crafted from 14k gold and embellished with diamonds for an elegant look; and the Signet Ring, a classic signet ring available in sterling silver or 14k gold.



This ultra-cool jewelry brand features an extensive selection of minimalist and unisex pieces. Their designs are all made from stainless steel, using cutting-edge technologies to ensure a unique look that stands out.

Popular pieces offered by Vitaly include the Riot, a choker chain from stainless steel; the Divide Ring, a stylish flattop ring with two individual bars at the top; and the Kunai pendant, a pendant shaped like the Japanese tool/weapon. Each piece is designed to make a bold statement and capture the eye of onlookers.


Jewelry is a great way to express our personal style and break free from traditional gender roles. With these nine jewelry companies specializing in gender-neutral accessories, there are plenty of options for those looking for something unique and special.

From minimalist designs to statement pieces, each company offers something different that can help you express your individuality and make a bold statement about who you are. No matter what kind of look you’re going for, these jewelry companies have something for everyone.

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