Maximizing Your Event Space Rental: Ideas for Customizing Your Venue in Brooklyn

Have you found the ideal space to organize an event, but it is narrower than you expected it to be? If it is true, don’t let a limited area cramp your style and come in the way of your dreams. It doesn’t matter the type of event you are hosting, make it as visually appealing as you can.

Thankfully, there are various ways to maximize an area to stand out from the crowd and bring more revenue. This blog will teach you how to take benefit of limited Brooklyn studios event space and give the delusion of being in a much bigger area for your clients. Since a trade show can be a boring event, we will also share the best design elements to introduce it to give it an aesthetic touch and keeps the clients engaged.

Go for Open Floor Plans

To make the most of the limited room and avoid making your clients feel constrained, the best thing to do is to go for open floor plans. Such areas give people sufficient space to move while adding a touch of airiness to them. If you have limited space, avoid going for a floor system broken down into smaller sections with curtain dividers because such areas break the line of sight and make people feel even more congested.


Avoid Decorating Ceiling

If the roof of your event rental space is among its physical constraints, avoid decorating it. Hanging items from the roof will unnecessarily draw awareness to it, making your clients feel claustrophobic. It might not even appear as appealing as you imagined it. Therefore, if you have limited space, the right thing is to skip the ceiling decor.

If you are using any centerpieces, go for shorter ones instead of longer ones to draw the attention of your guests inwards. These pieces will maximize your rental space and save you money as they are affordable. If the decorators have adjusted the light fixtures too low, ask them for adjustments.

Rent Round Shaped Tables

Compared to rectangular or square tables, round ones accommodate more people. You can sit anywhere you find space around a round table, unlike a square one where there are limits. So, if you want to maximize your event space, rent these tables and accommodate as many people as you like.

If the affair is in the evening, you can take advantage of the atmosphere of dim lighting with candles. The shadows formed by candles add dimension, elegance, and an aesthetic touch to a corner, making it look more appealing. Another thing to remember is to use crystalline chairs, and tablecloths with light patterns to make your area appear cuter and more spacious.


Use the Power of Translucent

Have you ever walked-in into a room surrounded by only mirrors? If yes, you must understand how much it gives the illusion of being spacious when it isn’t. You must use the same idea when decorating your rental area for a big event – using glass to integrate the power of translucency.

Decorating a small area with glass might sound dangerous, but it isn’t if you are cautious about using it rightly. Take help from the experts to embody this decor into a big event like yours.

Besides decorating the wall with glass, you can use glass vases, centerpieces, tables, or chairs to make the area look appealing without visually cluttering it. The idea might seem a little odd, but once you put it into action, you will understand its importance. This decor gives the illusion of being in a spacious room while exposing all its elegant corners.

Focus on the Color Scheme

Believe it or not, choosing the correct color scheme significantly impacts the image your space gives. Dark and bold colors make people feel packed and sometimes congested, like in a bar. But choosing light and cheerful colors like in a cafe or a trade show gives the illusion of being in a larger room than you are.

So, if you have a limited budget and want to maximize your area, go for light and airy tones, such as white and blue or peach and green instead of bold tones. Using white color may sound boring to many people, but it is one of the rare colors that can be lavishly woven into a decor. It will make a place appear more spacious and will also give a positive vibe to all your guests.

If you are in a place where you can’t paint the walls, use white fabric to cover the walls and give warm and welcoming vibes to your clients. If you feel overwhelmed about picking the right color combination, don’t hesitate to take help from the experts.


Embrace Minimalism

You must have noticed that many designers today embrace minimalism, whether in designing dresses or interiors. Since minimalist decor boasts elegance, and simplicity and makes a space appear more spacious, it is the best design to implement. Ask the decorator to adjust or remove any decor hanging around the rental.

Another creative idea is using clean lines in the wall decor to maintain the line of sight of the guests and give them the illusion of being in a spacious and less messy area. Leave the oversized decor pieces at home and use artwork, fabric displays, flower vases, or candles to beautify your venue. Compare the before and after differences in the space and adjust accordingly to beautify your decor.

Wrapping Up

When you are done decorating the venue, take a step back to look at your creation with fresh eyes. If you think something is missing, conduct a brainstorming meeting with your friends or colleagues to implement new ideas for utilizing the area. Get in touch with your creative partners to gain more perspectives and make it look more appealing and intimate to the guests.

We hope this article helps you decorate the venue so you can make the most of the limited space.

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