7 Things To Know About The House Edge In Blackjack

The house edge is a gambling term. It means the odds are in the “house”’s favor. Mathematically the dealer is more likely to win than you are.

However, knowing the math can help you curve your losses and double your winnings.

When you play online blackjack real money, the method will still be the same. So no matter your platform, follow our advice.

1. The Edge Is Different In Every House

Although the method is the same, the odds may be slightly different depending on the casino. Where one platform might have a percentage of 0.5%, another could have 4%.

The percentage dictates how often you will lose the game. With a 4% house edge, you are expected to lose 4% of the time. Let’s say you bet $100 through a number of attempts, you can expect to lose $4 during this time.

When you see betting figures lined up against your blackjack game, you should use these house edge percentages to figure out which table is the most lucrative.

To do this, simply look for the lowest house edge available.


2. For The Maths To Work, You Need To Bet Often

For a house edge percentage to work as expected, your blackjack bets need to be small and often. The math only makes sense when you have a large enough sample size.

For example, playing one game with a large bet of $100 will not have the same statistical edge as playing 100 games with a low bet of $1.

Let’s use a 1% house edge as an example.

Sure you may end up taking $200 from the table through your single large bet but the odds are low. Winning $199 is more likely with just a small dip in profits.

The more often you play, the more likely the statistics will be in your favor.

3. Blackjack Has A Lower House Edge Than Most Games

Most games in a casino will have a higher house edge than blackjack. It is not a profitable game for the casino, as the house is more likely to lose than win.

This is great news for the people at the table, but confusing for the business people reading this article. Why do casinos continue to offer blackjack if they normally lose?

The reason is due to the hook. People don’t play one game of blackjack, they will sit there for hours. In that time, the player will likely become confident and up their bet.

The casinos are putting money on the idea that blackjack players will play for too long and lose the money they won.

So here is a tip – know when to back down and keep your bets low.


4. With Little Strategy, You Can Make A Blackjack House Edge 0.5%

0.5% for a house edge is ridiculously low, however, to reach this level you need to have a basic level of skill in the game.

Playing with very little knowledge will likely bring the house edge up to 2%. Although that number is still pretty low, simply learning the tricks of the trade can get you all the way down to 0.5%

You simply need to learn when to double down, split, stand, or hit. Learning when to make which move can help you reduce that percentage.

5. No Strategy Means A Higher Likelihood Of Losing – Even In Blackjack

Although playing with very little knowledge or strategy in blackjack will give you a low house edge of 2%, if you have no idea how to play the game at all, that number can jump to 100% easily.

In any game, you need to know the basics to give yourself some sort of advantage, and the same goes for this simple game.

A common error that some players make is copying the dealer. This will not work because the dealer has a strict set of rules to follow. You are not as restricted as they are, so take the opportunity to do some basic math.

Here is another quick tip – always assume the dealer has a 10 in their hidden card. That way the odds of making the correct choice becomes greater, as you can use their open card to determine your actions.


6. It’s Worth Spending Time Predicting Your Loses

After a while of playing, you will be able to predict how much you lose per round. Simply take the amount you have lost by the number of hours played.

If you have lost $50 in 2 hours, your hourly loss becomes $25 per hour. But why is this helpful? Well, you can use this figure to learn how on target you are.

Let’s say you have $100 and you’re making 60 bets per hour. You’re playing well, so your house edge is 0.5%.

Knowing this you can make the following calculations – $100 x 60 bets x 0.5 house average = 3000 = $30.00 You can expect a loss of $30 per hour.

Knowing that this is your prediction, but seeing that you’ve only lost $25 means that you are beating the odds. If the opposite is true, then you know it’s time to back down.

7. Counting Cards Can Beat The House Edge

Some people think that counting cards is cheating, but it’s not. It’s the strategy of the game and can help you lower the house edge.

To count cards, you need to keep a mental record of how many high cards have been played vs how many low cards have been played. Remembering this figure can help you figure out what cards are left in the deck, and therefore how likely your chances of winning are.

When you’re sure you cannot fail, you should increase your bet, you can also learn if you’re not going to succeed and back down.



Blackjack is a simple game, but that doesn’t mean you cannot win through strategy. Understanding how to manipulate the house edge can be the difference between winning and losing.

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