Monthly Archives: January 2019

The Ultimate List of the 15 Best Video Game Stories

If you a type of gamer who plays a game for the story rather than scores, you’ll be happy to learn that we composed an ultimate list of the best video games stories. Keep reading to find out whether your favorite game has made it to the list. 1. BioShock …

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Detective Pikachu Sequel Is Already In The Making

Oren Uziel has been instructed to write a script for a Detective Pikachu sequel, by Legendary Entertainment. Original Detective Pikachu won’t come out until 10th May, so it was unusual that the sequel was already requested. Both Detective Pikachu and its unnamed sequel will take place in world similar to …

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15 Houses On, What Appear To Be, Unimaginable Locations

We all need a place to stay, but also we all need and have different perspectives and possibilities of where that place could be and how it would look like. Some people enjoy living somewhere quiet and far away from urban or suburban lifestyle. We made a list of 15 …

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