6 Reasons Why Today’s Bachelors Are Opting For A Party Bus

A bachelor party is the last dance before marriage. So considering the stakes are so high, it’s only natural that you want to give it one last push. Because of that, today’s bachelors are opting for a party bus. While limousine services are still a great way to celebrate a bachelor party, a celebration bus offers so much more.

Companies like Carolina Car Service in North Carolina are usually known for providing town car services for executives, but when it comes time to celebrate, businessmen have found that booking their party buses is a win/win for their bachelor party. Here’s why

1. More Space


A bachelor night isn’t something you celebrate with one or two people. You’re supposed to get all the guys together and celebrate one last time. Depending on your pool of friends, some of you might not fit in a limousine service. If you want to accommodate more people, a party bus is a great option as it gives you more space.

Some buses can accommodate up to fifty people, while still having enough room to maneuver and enjoy yourself. While fifty might be a stretch, that doesn’t take away from the fact that party buses are more spacious.

2. More Convenience


We’ve come accustomed to convenience as the deciding factor when purchasing goods or services. Considering that one of the main goals of the vehicle rental industry is the ultimate convenience, what better way to relax on your way to the venue than in a spacious party bus?

Some people also put a lot of emphasis on comfort. Fortunately, party buses are very comfortable in addition to being convenient. The convenience factor stems from the need to be mobile, visit multiple places in one night, and ride with more people.

That’s exactly what you’re getting with a party bus.

3. Greater Safety


When hiring any sort of vehicle rental, the companies promise experienced drivers that will look after your safety. But driving a bus is more challenging than a limousine or similar vehicle. It takes a more skilled driver to drive more people and vouch for their safety.

Fortunately, these rentals come with some of the best professionals in the industry. The need for quality drivers that will successfully take you anywhere at the night has become a necessity. As such, these services focus a lot of their attention on hiring the right people for the job.

With proper background checks, experience, and training, a rental bus is the safest way to celebrate your bachelor’s day.

4. Less Stress


Can you think of a more stressful event than planning your bachelor party? Yes, we can – your wedding. But now is not the time to think about that. As such, why not go with a party bus that will plan the night based on your preferences? Logistical requirements are some of the biggest problems when planning any sort of event.

But you want to enjoy a night out that’s hassle-free, stress-free, and one that you will remember for years. So instead of planning it yourself, driving there, and struggling to get all the people on the same page, why not hire expert party bus services?

5. A Party in A Party


There is a reason why they call it a party bus. While going to multiple venues in the night is fun and all, the real fun is on the bus. A party bus becomes the main venue of the night. Since it can hold more people, the night becomes more interesting. It doesn’t matter if you’re club hopping or bar hopping; you can still celebrate in between the venues on the bus.

That way, you’re partying nonstop. With a beautiful interior, loudspeakers, and all kinds of drink options, the party bus becomes the party.

6. More Privacy


This is one advantage that every vehicle rental service offers. It doesn’t matter if you’re going with a limo or a party bus, privacy is something you’re always going to get.

Some bachelors do want privacy when celebrating their last day as a single guy. While you can easily book a private area in a club, there are still strangers around you that can make you feel uncomfortable.

A rental bus eliminates that problem. Since a party bus becomes the party itself, consider it as your very own VIP section. Only this time, you won’t have prying eyes on all sides. People like to celebrate, and they like to celebrate hard. We’ve all had that one friend that does wacky stuff when the celebrations go underway, so what better way to keep things private than with a rental bus?

How To Hire the Right Party Bus

Now that we’ve told you why a party bus is the right way to celebrate your bachelor party, allow us to tell you how to hire the right bus for the night.

The first thing to look at is space. How many people can the bus accommodate? You shouldn’t make plans based on how many people the bus can take. Instead, hire a bus that can accommodate the number of people.

This is oftentimes a deal-breaker. So go for one that can take you and your friends without having to compromise.

Another thing to focus on is the company’s reputation. You want to go with a reputable company with hundreds of satisfied customers. Since this is a day you’re supposed to remember, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong.

A company’s reputation can vouch for the quality of service you’re getting. Never compromise price for bad service.

On-board amenities and packages are also a thing to consider when hiring the right party bus. In terms of amenities, you want a custom bar, excellent sound system, an LED TV, freezers, and more. Leather seating is also a huge bonus. You want to drive in comfort, and leather is by far the most comfortable seating option. In terms of packages, this one is different for most rental services.

Some offer discounts if you book early, while others will give you discounts on other stuff. You really have to see what each service offers to know more about it.

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