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Wedding Cake Serving Chart

It’s always challenging to determine what size pans to use for a cake. Search the web and you’ll find that cake serving guides vary significantly. Earlene’s Cake Serving Chart shows that a 9″ cake serves only 22 guests, while Aztec Rental shows that it serves 32. I’ve always relied on …

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Wedding Cake Slices: Serving Size Chart

Below is the reference chart I use to determine the tier sizes for all of my wedding cakes. I have always used this guide and have never had an insufficient number of servings. I shared a rather poor copy of the cake slice chart here in September of 2010. I …

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6 Reasons Why Today’s Bachelors Are Opting For A Party Bus

A bachelor party is the last dance before marriage. So considering the stakes are so high, it’s only natural that you want to give it one last push. Because of that, today’s bachelors are opting for a party bus. While limousine services are still a great way to celebrate a …

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