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50th Anniversary Cake

Fifty years ago, this couple got married. This was their wedding cake: To celebrate their anniversary, their daughter asked me to make their cake. These are the design notes I took: ~Inspired by (but not identical to) original cake ~Lattice hearts ~Pink flowers, green leaves ~Bells ~Client to provide topper? …

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The Single-Tier Wedding Cake

I’ve never been much for sculpted cakes. I appreciate their difficulty level, and am in awe of how realistic some of them can be, but when it comes to cake design I’m kind of old school. I love the classic sillhouette of a tiered wedding cake in its most true …

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Wedding Cake Serving Chart

It’s always challenging to determine what size pans to use for a cake. Search the web and you’ll find that cake serving guides vary significantly. Earlene’s Cake Serving Chart shows that a 9″ cake serves only 22 guests, while Aztec Rental shows that it serves 32. I’ve always relied on …

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