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How Long Should The Drain Hose Be On A Washing Machine

I question that regularly pops in the home appliance community is how long should the drain hose be on a washing machine. No doubt a washing machine is one of the most useful household appliances out there. It does a miraculous job of washing our clothes. This tedious task is impossible without it.

Hand washing is long gone and everyone can afford even the cheapest washing machines. But what about the drain hose? No doubt a washing machine uses quite a lot of water and that water has to go somewhere.

So the hose has to be specifically adjusted so that the water siphons into the sewer pipes. To answer this question more effectively, make sure to stick around.

How Long Should the Washer Drain Hose Be?

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The experts can always weigh in with their opinion and we rely on them for accurate information. While the experts do have the answers, the answer to this particular question depends on a few things.

For starters, how far does the drain pipe run from the appliance? If you have a shorter drain hose, then you have to adjust the position and place it closer to the drain. Also, another question is how high is the drain from the floor?

As a general rule of thumb, the drain cannot be higher than 8 feet. For an optimal height, consider anywhere between 30 inches to 3 feet of height.
But what about the length of the drain hose? Well, it depends. There is no real right answer as a washing machine siphon water at a very high speed. This means that the water will always travel through the hose to the drain.

Even if you’re using a 12-foot extension hose, there won’t really be a problem. But for a general rule of thumb, it’s advised to go shorter as possible. That way, the water will instantly travel to the drain without any issues.

To do that, you have to get the right washer drain hose.

How Far Can the Drain Hose Run?

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While w do know that the drain hose can run as long as it needs, is there a limit to how far it can run? This question comes into consideration when families renovate their homes to accommodate the washing machine.

As a general rule of thumb, it shouldn’t run for very long as it won’t be as effective. So look to run a drain hose the shortest possible. We mentioned previously that the drain should be located no less than 30 inches from the ground.

So you have to look for a hose that can fit into the drain and effectively siphon water properly. If again, your washer is further from the drain, you can always go for an extension. But as one would expect, you should plan for a washing machine before you renovate. Most properties are building by keeping in mind the requirements for key appliances such as the washing machine.

Never run the drain hose too long as it won’t be as effective as when you run a shorter one.

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