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Is It Worth Doing a Foundation Repair?

One of the essential parts of a home’s structure is the foundation. There is always a risk of severe hazard to those in a property when the foundation becomes weak. While the best solution is to take care of the problem before it gets worse, it doesn’t come cheap. “Just living” in a property with a settling foundation or that crack in the wall may seem to be a convenient option, but you’re wrong. While it may appear cheaper in the short term, the cost will most likely be much more in the long run.

According to Research and Markets, the global foundation repair services market was valued at US$ 2.82 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period from 2019 to 2027. These high figures could be a result of homeowners not paying attention to foundation problems till it gets worse.

In this article, you will learn more about how to know if a foundation repair is needed and how to analyze if it is worth it in the end. Find more helpful information about foundations and their required repairs by visiting www.dallasfoundationrepairspecialists.com when you’re through.

Do You Need Foundation Repair?

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The major and most obvious sign that a foundation has a problem is when there are one or more cracks running through the floor. Of course, there are times that there are a few hairline cracks running through a concrete floor due to temperature changes that are seasonal. These shouldn’t bother you too much as they are just seasonal settlement cracks. When you have something to worry about is if you see deep cracks that sink into the ground, as you may be dealing with damage in your foundation. Your best bet for knowing exactly what’s happening is to call an expert to check it out.

Apart from a deep crack in the floor, most of the other signs that a foundation needs repair may not be so obvious. Noticeable cracks on the wall could be a sign. Issues under the surface of your home could also be detected by uneven floors. A chimney that has become titled may also be a warning that you need to call a professional to check for foundation problems. If there is a combination of some of these signs, your property becomes a candidate for foundation repairs.

The following are common signs that a foundation has structural damage:

  • Expansion joints being visibly displaced: Expansion joints exist for the safe expansion of a building in warm weather. However, you should take note if large spaces start cropping up.
  • Separation of freeze-board: If you notice a rift between the freeze-boards near the top, it is a clear sign that the foundation of the building is unstable. The separation between freeze-boards shouldn’t be wide.
  • Changes in doors and door frames: Door frames could change in shape when a foundation warps. If doors no longer fit the frames, or they become harder to close, it may be due to foundation problems.
  • Irregularities in water bills: This applies more to areas with an active meter. A sudden surge in your water bill could be due to the impact of foundation movements on the pipes. Leaks can be created within your water supply because of the pressure from these foundation movements.

Any of these signs at your home will require the inspection of a professional. So, do not hesitate to call one as soon as possible.

The Disadvantages of Delaying Your Foundation Repair

  • The cost of repair will keep escalating
  • The structural damage continues to spread
  • There could be a sudden surge in your utility bills
  • A decline in the value of the property.
  • Mold and mildew may invade the property.
  • There could be a nasty insect infestation
  • Damage to properties due to moisture penetration.
  • Long waiting time to get serviced by foundation repair contractors.

A Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Foundation repairs are in levels, depending on the degree and complexity of the job. What you must always remember is that the sooner you address any foundation problem, the better. Foundational damage becomes worse with time. When an already-shaky foundation keeps getting imparted with more stress, the constant pressure can result in further warping. During repairs, the excess damage will ultimately lead to increased cost of the service. However, if the problem is attended to on time, it will end up saving your money.

When trying to find out if foundation repair is worth it, the major factor to be weighing the cost of repair against is the resale value of the property. The value of a house with a damaged foundation will be less on the market. While some buyers will specifically hunt for properties like this to purchase, financing becomes another challenge. A lot of mortgage and loan companies don’t fund the purchase of properties with obvious structural damage. With the value of the home reduced and the problem of selling it, you can be stuck having to maintain the property without being able to get anything out of it.

The Best Long-Term Solution

Using temporary fixes for foundation problems often creates bigger issues than they will solve. If you think that you could fix the problem by covering over a crack with a little portion of cement or putty by yourself, you are wrong. Foundation problems are structural issues and because they deal with the core of the construction, the service of an expert will be required to find out what the problem is, and fix it.

Considering the complexity of foundational issues, doing the repair by yourself is out of the question. The best you can do by yourself is to conceal the cracks with some cosmetic patches. While this may make the building look as though there’s nothing wrong with it, problems may arise later if you decide to sell the building. Buyers are not likely to put their money down until they come to inspect the building, and you know what they will find during the inspection.

Hiring A Repair Contractor

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Foundation repair is not a project that you should do yourself, so it only makes sense that you hire licensed contractors to get the job done for you. Here are the things to look out for when hiring a professional contractor to do your foundation work:

  • The company must have the proper licencing
  • Their methods must have been evaluated by the ICC-ES (International Code Council Evaluation Services).
  • They must be clear about their clause for the depth of the hydraulic piling.
  • They must offer warranties and follow-up services in case something goes wrong.
  • Ensure that you confirm their level of experience.
  • Read reviews about them before making your decision.

Contacting a professional to inspect your foundation at the first hint of trouble is the most efficient way to ensure that the problem doesn’t get worse with time. If you take corrective action on any detected foundation problem, you will save yourself from unplanned expenses and keep the value of your property from declining.

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