Why Do You Need to Pass the Verification in a Virtual No ID Casino, and How Do You Do It?

Many players, particularly beginners, are taken aback when they are asked to complete a verification procedure after completing a simple registration procedure in a virtual gambling establishment and playing for fun. When they try to withdraw money from their gaming account, they frequently run into this problem. Of course, they have a lot of questions right away.

Consider the following scenario: “Why is this required?

Why do I have to give someone my personal information?

Why do they require copies of my bank statements?”

We will make every effort to address all of these concerns and reassure newcomers. Many visitors to virtual institutions and poker rooms will benefit from this, as they will be better prepared for the verification process and will not panic in vain.


Why does a gambling resource’s administration require a player’s documents?

To better understand why a virtual institution requires your personal information, consider the amount of money that passes through such institutions daily. Some players win and must be paid, while others lose and must replenish their accounts; both types of funds must be accepted and processed. The financial flows of Internet casinos are perhaps comparable to those of some large banks. Consider this: you don’t mind if banks ask for your passport and identification number, do you? The resource’s management needs to do nothing more than verify your identity. In theory, this is a standard procedure for all online casinos, even for the no id casino and it is performed only once for the duration of the user’s game account. ( for more details check on )

What’s on the list of documents you’ll need?

A single passport is usually sufficient, as we already know that online casinos only want to verify your identity. However, if you used a bank card to make deposits or replenish your game account, the resource’s administrators may request that you send it as well. Of course, no one needs your card itself; scanning or photographing it on both sides will suffice. A scan of a bank statement from this card, including your residential address and contact phone number, is also required. You can substitute scans of utility receipts or landline phone bills for bank statements if you don’t want to show them. The most important thing is that these documents include your name and address. Because much of this is done for your benefit, the institution attempts to prevent fraud.

How to properly prepare documents

– Passport


You must make copies of the pages of your passport with your photo and registration, as you would in many banks or other public institutions. If the bank only makes a photocopy of your document, you’ll need to scan the above pages for online casinos. And you can edit photos with any standard graphics editor you have installed on your computer. As a result, you can easily paint over your passport’s series and number.

– A credit card


You’ll have to put in a little more effort with scans of this document. You must also scan the card on both sides. However, it is worth manipulating for your own personal peace of mind and security. First, the institution’s administration does not require the whole number of your card; simply leave the first six and last four digits blank. But remember, you’re confirming your identity, so the card’s last name, first name, and expiration date should all be visible. If your card number is embossed, you’ll need to cover the digits in the middle, i.e. the first six and the last four. Remember to hide the last three digits on the back of the card, the so-called CVC code, which should only be known by you.

– Verification in other countries


We already know what kind of verification is available at online casinos. But how are gambling establishments in other countries verified? If you have a foreign passport or a driver’s license, you won’t have any problems answering this question. You know that documents for foreign virtual businesses must be written in English. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these documents. The same graphical editor will assist you; all you have to do now is translate the documents into English, and you’ll be fine.

– Utility bill receipts or bank statements


There shouldn’t be any issues with these documents as well. You must still scan the bank statement, utility bill, or phone/Internet receipt and send it to the institution’s post office. You can, of course, hide any information you want as long as the scan clearly shows your last name, first name, middle name, and home address. If you live in a rented apartment, payment receipts will not work because the apartment is not registered in your name. Then you should still go to the bank and obtain a statement containing your personal information and your current address. The most important thing to remember is that all “money” documents must be no more than three months old.

– Data from the electronic payment system


Some virtual gambling establishments may require this information. To do so, take a screenshot of the WebMoney, Qiwi, and Yandex pages. Money or Skrill, both of which are simple to use on modern computers. The most important thing is that a screenshot must show that a purse with your data has been opened for you in any electronic payment system. If you don’t use a bank card and prefer to use other payment methods, this is required.

When does verification become necessary?

When a player wants to withdraw large winnings from their gaming account and uses one of the electronic payment systems, online casinos frequently require them to go through this procedure. If you made your deposit with a bank card, the institution’s administration would ask you to confirm your identity when you make your first withdrawal. The procedure is straightforward and takes little time. Typically, the virtual institution sends the player an email with a detailed list of all required documents. The player must then either send all of the above scans to the Internet casino’s mail support service or upload them to the page “Profile and personal data.” In light of the preceding, I’d like to offer some advice to players.


Why waste time verifying documents when you want to get your hands on the prize money as soon as possible?

It is preferable not to put off this simple procedure and to complete it as soon as possible after registering on the resource. Contact the institution’s support team to find out precisely what documents are required and to which address they should be sent, then sit back and relax. When you win a large enough sum and want to withdraw it from your account, it will take much less time in this case.

What can you do if you don’t want to go through verification?

There isn’t anything exciting to do. As previously stated, if you use a bank card to fund your account, online casinos will walk you through the verification process. Simply open an electronic wallet with one of the payment systems and send your personal information, which you will only need if you win a large sum of money.

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