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3 Food Recipes and Meals Inspired by the Bible

Every religion has a book that describes the religion and the existence of God. Every religion speaks in different ways about the things that happened to the origin of man, the world, how we should behave, what are the true values โ€‹โ€‹of life and much more. One such example is the Bible, which is the holy book of Christianity, which speaks of this religion and offers many instructive texts and contents for people who believe in religion, but also for those who want to know more about Christianity as a religion.

The Bible mentions many interesting things and many interesting moments that happened. So this holy book often talks about what Jesus, the Son of God, did, what all the people who started talking about God and religion did, but there are also many interesting things about food. In this holy book, food was often talked about which was consumed, so it mentions certain foods, as well as certain types of food that need to be consumed if one believes strongly in religion and in God, say from My Real God who often speaks on these religious topics and about the existence of God. Let’s see, then, the foods and foods mentioned in this holy book called the Bible.

1. Bread and cereals are often mentioned


According to the Bible, cereals are the main food that gives people strength and energy. According to this holy book, people live thanks to the fruits and God gives them. So we often talk about the bread that is made from the flour that we get from the wheat, but also about the wheat that the people of that period ate boiled. These two dishes were also present at the table during the Last Supper when Jesus was at the table with the apostles. This shows the importance of food, but especially the importance of grain and bread, which is emphasized in the Bible.

2. Fruits are mentioned, and grapes and dates are most common


Fruits and their significance for religion are also frequently mentioned in the Bible. It is said that they are the symbol of life and that we need to consume them precisely because they are given to us by nature, and everything given by nature and plants is a gift from God. That is why grapes are often mentioned, dates are mentioned, but also oranges, tangerines, and many other fruits. From here we see that the message is to focus on what the plants give us and to respect what they have given us to live and eat.

3. It also speaks of dishes made exclusively of natural plant origin


The Bible never speaks of eating meat or killing, but rather of making meals, and mentions meals that are of plant origin such as rice, legumes from which meals were prepared. This shows the importance of this type of food and the message that the Bible gives us.

Pure food is what we need to keep our souls clean, says the Bible. This food that we have mentioned is the pure food that the Bible mentions and that we should consume if we strongly believe and if we love our religion, but we also love God and respect life.

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