Learning More About Safe Sidewalks And Personal Injury Claims In Sacramento

We cannot stress enough the importance of having sidewalks, it’s to make sure that the pedestrians on the road are safe. It’s the job of property owners to make sure that the sidewalks near their property are well maintained to be used by people. If there is a case where the property owner fails to maintain a sidewalk and a person gets injured, the owner can be held accountable for negligence. The state has provisions to ensure that no victim who gets injured on a sidewalk has to bear damages. Looking for legal help for your case? Contact a firm today.

State laws regarding the duty of care:


As per state laws, every owner who lives in close proximity to a pavement or sidewalk is liable to ensure the upkeep. So, in the event, a pedestrian gets injured due to poor maintenance of the sidewalk, they will be responsible. Every individual in society needs to be responsible and ensure that the pathways are safe to be used by the general public. Also, if it’s winter, people are generally given twenty-four hours after a storm to check that the pavements are clear and unobstructed by snow and ice.

It’s crucial to remember that an inspector may knock on your door within the following 48 hours during a snow or ice storm. You may receive a ticket for up to $35 if there is still an accumulation of snow. Additionally, the citation will be posted on the front door of the property. You can contest the citation if there was a problem that prevented you from clearing the snow in time. This would, however, involve a very drawn-out and taxing official process.

Getting injured on a sidewalk:


It’s when property owners fail to abide by their responsibilities that these mishaps occur on sidewalks. Some of the most common reasons these accidents may happen are raised pavements, wide fissures, poorly maintained curbs, unlabeled dangers, and sunken sections.

 Settlements and Court Proceedings in Personal Injury Claims


Settlements and court proceedings play a significant role in personal injury claims. When pursuing a claim, parties often have the option to reach a settlement or proceed to court. Settlement negotiations involve discussions between the injured party, their attorney, and the opposing party or their insurance company. If an agreement is reached, it typically includes compensation for damages. Alternatively, if a settlement cannot be reached or the parties cannot agree on the terms, the case may proceed to court. In court proceedings, both sides present their arguments and evidence, and a judge or jury determines the outcome. Settlements offer a quicker resolution, while court proceedings provide a formal platform for resolving disputes.

Final thoughts:


There are several factors that go into maintaining sidewalks, and although property owners are frequently held accountable for pavement accidents, this is not always the case. Most of the time, the local government is in charge of maintaining certain pavements. Did you recently got injured on a sidewalk? Consult a personal injury attorney if you’re unsure of who should be held accountable for your injuries.

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