9 Recent Technological Advancements in The Online Gambling Industry

So, you like to gamble? Are you someone who enjoys spending a lot of time winning big online? If so, you should understand how casino functions, as well as what are some of the most recent technological advancements and changes have happened. The most common and new change is with the animation and graphics approach, leaving players mesmerized and captivated. Want to know what is the rest? If so, keep on reading and learn all about these advancements in the article below.

9 Recent Technological Advancements in The Online Gambling Industry


1. Stats say it all

The internet and mobile phones have changed the face of many industries. In fact, people started to play and gamble more from the comfort of their homes by diving into a plethora of different new and exciting (yet easily accessible) games. Mobile gaming rose by 75% in 2012, and it stands at $100bn at the moment, with 164 million people using mobile devices to visit a mobile casino.

2. Practical and mobile

Mobility and accessibility mix so well together, hence casino mobile games. You are always just one click away from having a ton of fun. No reason to leave your home, spend money on fancy clothes, snacks, drinks, or transportation. Now, you can play on your own or you can play with someone that’s across the world. Apps are improving as we speak (or as you read this), meaning that each player will enjoy a life-like feel, as well as some unbeatable bonuses. All you need is a good wifi connection and you’re in it to win it!

3. 3D animation

Do you know that casino games are slowly but surely applying this little feature to all of their games? At first, poker was the first casino game that has implemented this technology. Nowadays, your favorite slot can have cinematic experiences and storylines. Most players will value this little touch and symbol of care, as well the feeling of getting connected to the game. Better graphics and 3D animation will leave great first impressions.

4. Blockchain approach

Cryptos and blockchain, like have become so popular within the gambling industry. One of the reasons why this technology was implemented in the industry is to make the whole process much safer for its secretive players. Why and what is the point? Well, the blockchain protects the customer’s data, and it calculates the odds. You can play in a secure and anonymous way knowing that blockchain isn’t detectable. If you are a private person know that your identity will be kept safe.

5. Live dealer option

Live experience in every game online is what keeps the atmosphere alive! Who doesn’t like the life-like and natural approach? If you find some of the best and most popular casinos, you will get a live dealer feature on there. With it, players can interact in a small-talk and basic conversation. Ever since COVID-19, most facilities have been implementing this option and trying it in their industry. For anyone stuck at home and craving interaction and a bit of that human touch, this feature is perfect for you!

6. AR/VR mode


Virtual reality and augmented reality are what younger generations want to see and experience in their games. If you are lucky enough to own (or if you want to purchase) a VR headset, we can vouch for a great player’s experience and a lot of amusement! With it, you will feel a lot closer to your teammates, and to the dealer. This is why a lot of newer generations are trying out their luck, since who doesn’t like fancy and modern ideas?

7. Artificial intelligence addition

AI or artificial intelligence can take many different forms. AI has helped within the gambling industry as well. Nowadays, little chatbots can resolve your issue and help with any inquiry that you may have right there and on spot. You can also use this little handy fellow for quick and easy payment procedures, as well as for excellent chat. AI is commonly included in games and is used when people choose to play a game against their computers rather than other players.

8. Super secure and trustworthy

Hacking and data leaks are the biggest concern for many players. This is why a lot of ”older” players and old-school people stay away from online gaming. However, security configurations have drastically changed for online gambling sites. Certain gaming agencies oversee and maintain the security of online gambling sites, meaning that everything has to be under control 24/7. Nowadays plenty of systems are resistant to cyberattacks and data security breaches. You should be more worried about being robbed in front of a casino and on your way to a cab than online.

9. Wide range when it comes to payment methods


Modernization also enabled online casinos to provide a diverse variety of payment methods, which was an important step for sites worldwide. In fact, not everyone uses or prefers to use dollars. This is why you will like this modern new approach and the fact that you can customize it per your needs. Nowadays, you can be paid in your favorite crypto even! Cashless payments, such as those made with credit cards or through third-party services, are also one of them. Your money will be with you and on your account in less than 5 minutes and within 2 clicks!

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