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8 Interesting Things to Know About Natural Sparkling Wines

Wine is always an interesting subject. Mostly because you can never know everything about them. Today, we are going to focus on one particular sort of wine. Do you know what Pet-Nat wine is? It is one of the oldest forms of wine you’ll encounter. It’s no wonder they call it ancestral wine. It is because of the method in which it is manufactured. Petillant-Naturel wines are those made from the oldest recipes. While the recipe is old, they are quite popular even to this day.

There is a reason for this day. They are not anything like any other wine out on the market. So, a modern taste, and an ancient way of manufacture give a nice little combination? Who would have thought? But those are facts. Pet-Nat is a great choice if you are prepared to try something new and enjoy wine at the same time. You will not be disappointed. If you’re not familiar with this type of wine you need to hear these eight interesting things we have prepared for you about sparkling wines. You’re in for quite a ride, as some of these facts are truly nice to know.


1. It’s Not Champagne

This is quite a common misconception. They’re quite different. The beverage we’re describing is created by bottling the wine before the process of fermentation is completed. It is because of this that it’s so unique. On the other hand, champagne is made by using a different method. It’s called the traditional method and with champagne, you need to see the fermentation process completed. After that’s done the show is not over. Then it’s time for additional rounds of sugar and yeast. None of that translates to Pet-Net. There is no additional round of fermentation. So, as you can see, this win is not champagne. It’s quite different actually.

2. Drink It Right Away

When you buy a bottle, get down to work. Open it and drink. Many people let the wine rest after they buy a bottle. Sometimes we’re even talking years. The special kinds of wine maybe should be preserved. Some of them are better after they stand aside. But, these wines are commercial. They have been preserved precisely as much as necessary. When you buy a bottle, drink it straight away. They do not require a special occasion as Hollywood movies have taught us.


3. No Additives

This is nice to hear, right? It is. These wines are called natural for a reason. They do not require the usage of any additives. The process of making it is completely natural. It all starts from the bottom of the ladder. When you buy a truly natural wine product it means that no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers have been used on both the grass or the soil. Furthermore, all grapes are picked by hand. Also, some wineries use recycled bottles that are washed without artificial cleaners. All in all, no chemistry is involved in the process of making natural wine.

4. A Lucky Accident

As you could probably guess, the origin of this product is France. But, did you know that it was first made by accident? Probably not. This is quite an interesting story. Back in the day, alcohol was created without the technology we have today. They were not close to the science of today. Most bottles were closed out before the fermentation could be completed. Then, winter came, and the process would stop, only to be continued during the warmer months. People soon started to notice a new product and this sort of wine was created. A lucky little accident. But, one we learned to cherish and appreciate.


5. It Shouldn’t Be Stored in a Fridge

This is not the way you should treat this wine. Wine is not a great fan of coldness. Yes, you can leave it there for a few hours to lower the temperature. But, it shouldn’t be spending prolonged periods in a refrigerator. If you leave it there for too long the cork might get dry. When this happens the cold air will enter the bottle and contaminate the wine. It could lose all of its sparkling properties. Furthermore, if you have food and other open beverages in the fridge it might pick up an unpleasant odor. Yes, there are plenty of ways to contaminate it if you decide on fridge-keeping. The best place to keep these wines is in the cellar, a wine one, and always keep it on the side, so that the cork is always moist.

6. It’s Healthy

As with most natural products these wines are healthy. They only go through one process of fermentation and even that one is completed in the bottle. Also, they do not contain additional yeast or sugars. This is what makes them quite healthy to drink. Of course, you should take good care of quantities but you understand our point. With time you’ll learn to appreciate the fact that it is made with little to no additives. Natural is always the best selection.


7. They Have an X-factor

That’s right. There’s that magic touch. It comes to form the fact that these wines are closed before the fermentation process is over. This is what makes them unpredictable. It gives them the so-called x-factor. Not all wines hit the same once opened. In the past, it has happened that bottles just pop under the pressure. Incidents of this kind are rare now due to preventive measures, but it is funny to know that these wines are so volatile. Because of this unpredictability, not all bottles will feel the same upon opening, nor will they hold that sparkling sensation for the same amount of time.

8. They’re Sensitive to Light

This is important to know, either if you’ll store them at home or if you’re buying a new bottle from the store. Always pick the bottles from the back that weren’t exposed to the light too much. Light can change its standard structure and you might receive a product of lower quality if it hasn’t been stored properly. So, make sure you remember this the next time you go to buy a bottle of this wine.

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