8 Tips For Improved Muscle Growth

Many fitness enthusiasts aim to get bigger and stronger for sporting competitions or other personal reasons. Muscle growth also leads to several health benefits, such as more stamina, stronger bones, well-balanced blood sugar levels, and many more. However, muscle building requires more than weight lifting, strength training, or sticking to a tiresome exercise routine. It requires dedication and sticking to the tried-and-tested muscle-building tips recommended by different trainers.

How to build your muscles?


Whether you’re a bodybuilder in training or a seasoned athlete, these simple tips will facilitate your efforts for improved muscle-building. Grow them tendons faster like this:

Consume stenabolic safely

Did you know that increasing their numbers could help your body burn fat faster? Some bodybuilders consume a research drug you might know as Stenabolic to get in shape quickly. Research shows that some consumers lost 10 lbs in merely two months while maintaining the same muscle mass. This drug works by activating Rev-ErbA proteins to surge mitochondria counts in your skeletal muscles and increase your exercise capacity.

Also called SR9009, this product isn’t a sports or dietary supplement but a drug in the research phase.

You can order SR9009 Powder (Stenabolic) online from reliable vendors. Sports Technology Labs is the best place to buy this product cost-effectively. But bear in mind that even though Stenabolic leads to better stamina and quicker weight loss, it’s still not approved by the FDA for human consumption. You should only use SR9009 powder under a licensed doctor’s supervision.

Do multi-joint exercises

Most bodybuilders engage in compound or multi-joint exercises. These exercises strengthen different muscle groups at the same time. They include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and pull-ups. So, you’ll increase your testosterone levels by engaging in this type of workout.

Doing high-intensity exercises will produce more lactic acid, which plays a key role in muscle growth. It means that strength training and resistance training and the most important workout routines you can develop to grow your muscles effectively.

Try isolation exercises


Isolation exercises or exercises that focus on one muscle group at a time are more effective at building muscle. But they can be more time-consuming than compound exercises. But, if you experience muscle weakness or wish to increase your balance, incorporate these excises into your workout routine:

  • Front raises: Raise weights to the front of your body
  • Bicep curls: Try isolating your biceps with curling dumbbells
  • Leg curls: Isolate your hamstrings with a machine or resistance bands
  • Lateral raises: Isolate your lateral deltoids by raising a dumbbell to the sides

Be sure to maintain proper form and gradually increase the weight to stimulate muscle growth.

Avoid overtraining

Don’t forget this essential principle: muscles grow between workouts, not during them. Give your body ample time to recover between training sessions instead of exercising strenuously daily. Repetitive exercises will just lead to burnout and cause the following problems :

  • Increased stress levels
  • Lower testosterone levels
  • Irritability, agitation, and depression
  • Excess belly fat and expected weight gain

That’s why you should give yourself a cheat day every week. Take one or two days off every week so your muscles can grow during this downtime. Make your holiday more effective by engaging in cycling, jogging, and other light exercises instead of doing another high-intensity exercise.

Eat the right foods

Eat the right stuff to boost your muscle strength and make them grow stronger. Here’s what you should consider eating:

  • Protein: Promote muscle repair, growth, and recovery by consuming enough protein. Just 20g of it will be enough. You can gain this much protein from various sources, such as:
    • Fish, eggs, tofu, and tempeh
    • Lean meats (chicken and turkey)
    • Greek yogurt and other dairy products
    • Quinoa can be ideal if you’re a vegetarian
  • Creatine: This supplement lets you train harder and engage in more intense workout routines. Take 5 grams of it daily, and your muscles will store more energy for maximum gain.
  • Casein: This protein keeps your muscles fed with amino acids all night long. Your muscles will keep growing while you enjoy a good night’s rest.

A balanced diet will improve your muscle-building efforts by leaps and bounds.

Get plenty of sleep


Stick to a consistent sleep schedule and get 7 to 8 hours of shut-eye every night. Your bedtime is a very important part of the whole muscle-building process. That’s because your body releases bodily growth hormones while you sleep and checks stress levels. Your muscles continue to grow when you’re asleep on your bed.

Not getting enough sleep will adversely affect your workouts. A study shows that sleeping five hours daily diminishes your testosterone levels. Reduced testosterone levels will lead to slower muscle building and physical growth.

Follow a proper schedule

Your muscle-building efforts will be as successful as your commitment to it. It’s harder to follow a more intense workout routine than a light one. You may get bored by doing repetitive actions every day. You can even feel discouraged by your slow progress. However, you must:

  • Be consistent: Never deviate from your workout routine and adhere to the exercise schedule. Never forget that muscle growth takes time, patience, and dedication.
  • Try variations: Change your workout routine to challenge your muscles and prevent plateaus.

Consult a professional

If you are new to bodybuilding or have specific fitness goals, get yourself a mentor. Hire a certified trainer or fitness coach who can guide your muscle-building efforts. Also:

  • Listen to your body: Listen to your body and pay attention to the obvious signs of overtraining and exhaustion. Don’t overburden yourself; rest when your body demands it.

Your muscle-building goals will come to fruition if you are working out under the supervision of doctors and specialists.



Muscle building is a gradual process requiring patience and dedication. Follow the tips mentioned above faithfully and stick to your schedule. Consistency is the key to improving muscles the way you prefer. Drink plenty of water, eat more proteins, and get plenty of sleep. Use supplements and other products carefully after consulting with your doctor.

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