What Type of Sleeping Bed Suits Your Dog The Best?

Since there are so many different dog beds on the market that you can choose from, every owner is wondering what type of dog bed would suit my furry friend. We understand that you want the best option for your dog, so we prepared this article to help you make the decision.

What is your dog’s anatomy?

Logically, all dogs have their individual anatomy building, which means that they came in different sizes and shapes. The first step of buying your dog’s bed is understanding its anatomy needs. Measures of the dog matter a lot since all dog beds have weight limits. In that way, every bed can provide the most comfort and support of the surface area for a particular dog.

What is your dog’s coat type?


In general, dogs constantly get up from one sleeping spot and move to another while they are sleeping. This fact is mostly referred to as dogs with shaggy coats. They become overheated when they are sleeping on very plush bed surfaces. There are other materials that can also overheat your dog. This is why you need to find a comfy bed with an adequate feature that your dog will tolerate.

Consider your dog’s sleeping preference

All dogs have their own sleeping preferences as we do. For instance, you probably noticed that your dog is nesting when sleeping, laying flat, or lounging with limbs in different directions. Therefore, if your dog likes to lay flat you should not buy him a nested bed and force him to curl up if that is not something that he does. On the other hand, some dogs love the feeling of security so they are always nesting while sleeping. You do not want to buy your dog a bed that has a flat surface in that case and force him to adapt.

Different types of beds


1. Is the bolster dog bed the right for your dog?

Bolster dog beds are very popular since they look like couches for dogs. They have arm-rest wrapped around the bed and they are allowing the dog to prop the head, to cuddle, or to nest against them.

2. Does your dog prefer a more rectangular dog bed?

Rectangle dog beds are referred to pillow styled beds. These ones are traditional and they are flat on all sides. They are perfect for dogs that love to have a lot of space while sleeping.

3. What about the round dog bed option?

If you have a dog that has the practice of curling, this can be the perfect dog bed type for him. It s similar to rectangle dog beds because they are flat on two sides, they just do not have diameter dimensions. If you are considering this bed type for your dog, you should measure your dog from its nose to the rear. This is because you want to make sure that the dog will have enough space even if he is lying out flat. If you are interested to add on the top of the bed leaf shape blanket that provides a soft touch, you can check some very attractive designs on FunnyFuzzy

4. Maybe the cave dog bed concept can work for your dog?

Cave dog beds are also very popular because of their specific concept. If your dog has a lot of urges to shelter and hide, this is the ideal choice for him. If you noticed that your dog loves to sleep under bedding or even inside a pile of your clothes, he would love this bed.

Wide range of features of Dog Beds

  • Healthy Orthopedic Dog Beds

In general, orthopedic dog beds can be a very healthy option for any dog. They are particularly beneficial for dogs that have arthritis, some other health conditions bone and muscle-related, or are recovering from some surgery. The highest form of bedding that is used for orthopedic dog beds is memory foam. There are different types of memory foam, however, they are very quality and beneficial. The second most popular option of bedding in orthopedic dog beds is convoluted foam. They come with open-cell foam and they are used as a topper. Also, they are providing long-lasting support.

  • Resistant Chew-Proof Dog Beds

Some dogs no matter how old they are love to chew different things including their toys and even their bed. If you have this type of problem with your dog, do not worry because there are specially created chew-proof dog beds. They are very durable and come with fabric that is impeccable for stitching.

  • Cleaned Stain-Resistant Dog Beds

In case you have a dog that drools a lot, you would rather choose the stain-resistant dog bed. There are some special materials that are stain-resistant and have a tight weave pattern. In general, they have a protective barrier so these beds keep unpleasant odors and water from filling the bead. You can just clean them with a cloth easily.

  • Eco-friendly and organic dog beds

Nowadays, many customers are caring for the environment and because of that, they are looking that their new dog bed is eco-friendly. There are different eco-friendly and organic beds from manufacturers that have the feature of 100% post-consumer waster. They are usually made from cotton or hemp. All of these beds come with a certification of being 100% safe from harmful substances.

Choose durability of the bed


In general, no matter how much do you like some dog beds and you think they would perfectly suit your living room, you should never sacrifice the quality of the dog beds for it. In general, you want your new dog bed to be functional and durable for the long period, not just for the present. Therefore, never look for a dog bed that will be suitable as the decor in your home. Instead, understand that your dog wants to feel comfortable and cozy while sleeping and lying in that bed. Even if that means that you need to pay an extra amount of money for the bed, let it. It is better to buy one quality bed than to constantly purchase some cheaper dog beds that are not lasting.

Dogs need healthy and quality sleep

In general, dogs tend to sleep a lot more than we do. This means that they approximately 15 hours spent sleeping. Because of that, we can freely say that sleeping is a dog’s life. Therefore, you want to make sure that his sleeping is quality and healthy because that will affect his overall well-being.

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