Are Automatic Self-cleaning Litter Boxes Worth the Extra Money – 2024 Guide

Having a cat can bring many joys. Your cat can be a faithful companion, a cuddle partner, and a constant source of fun. They are the ideal house pet and are beloved by humans for centuries. On top of all that, cats are very clean animals, and most breeds won’t require constant daily grooming. One of your obligations as a cat parent will be cleaning their litter box, which is not a daunting task if you don’t have multiple cats.

As cats use the litter box daily, even multiple times per day, the process of cleaning it can be a tad bit problematic if you have a busy life. If the litter box is neglected in busy households, it can lead to some really smelly issues.

So automating the process can be really helpful. An automatic litter box can be a great thing for the owner and the cat. Your cat will be able to enjoy a litter free box every time. This of course, doesn’t mean that you won’t have to do anything, but the routine will differ greatly. These devices will just have you cleaning a tray instead of the whole litter. A self-cleaning litter box is something of a new concept but hear us out why they are worth the extra money.

How Does a Self-Cleaning Litter Box Work?

The automatic litter box works by detecting when your pet has done its deed. Then depending on the model, it collects the waste by separating the clumps from the clean litter. The box has a separate compartment and with either sifting, raking of flushing the waste gets collected so you can avoid contact with it directly.

You will of course, have to clean out this litter box, but this waste removal process will be much easier as the waste is already separated, and you can just transfer it into the bin. How often you have to do that depends on how many cats you have, but a few days should be a maximum, depending on the model and the size of the box. So something like this would be the best litter box for a large cat especially.

Is the Self-Cleaning Litter Box Worth the Extra Cost?


If you value your time, an automatic cat litter box can pay for itself. If you are short on time, you will no longer have to scoop the litter box multiple times. You will be able to empty the litter box, dispose of the waste, and go about your day. A clean and tidy bathroom will make your cat happier! One more thing that comes as a benefit is that you will use a lot less litter. You will save on that too. With traditional cleaning, you will always be throwing away an amount of the clean litter.

These boxes are ideal for homes with different houses and considering how they can help with odors and help you cat to stay cleaner, for us, this seems like a good investment that will pay itself in time and money too.

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