Common Types of Foundations & Methods for Repair

Foundation repairs are something that should be addressed as soon as the problem arises. This is because foundation repairs can quickly become worse problems and cause more damage. Finding a repair company might be easy, but you may be wondering what to expect after hiring them. There are many different ways that a company can repair your foundation problems. This may include what type your foundation is, what kind of damage is done, as well as your budget.  Your foundation repair contractor will explain everything to you in detail about what they are choosing to use to repair your foundation based on your home, foundation and how bad the damages are.

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Why Should You Use A Professional Foundation Repair Contractor?


Using a professional to do your foundation work is extremely important. Your foundation is a crucial part of your home and the structure and stabilization of it. You should never decide to DIY or take on any type of foundation project yourself. You could hurt yourself, the results will not be of great quality and it could cause many more problems than needed.  A professional will make sure to explain everything to you and walk you through the steps on what they’ll be doing with your home.

They are licensed and have the correct certifications and insurance to be working on your home’s foundation. This protects you and the company if anything happens on your property such as injury or damage done to areas of your home. The quality of work will be professional when using a pro contractor, which is important because you don’t want to have to repair the same area twice because it didn’t hold or it wasn’t the best quality work. Trained professionals are the way to go to ensure that you have the best results, proper protection and to ensure that things are done in a timely manner.

Different Types Of Foundations


There are many different types of foundations that you may have. Based on this, is one way your contractor will determine which method of repairing to use for your foundation. Let’s look into the top three different types of foundations that you could have.

Slab Foundation- This foundation is a slab of concrete. It is a very budget friendly option and it’s pretty straightforward. It is a popular type of foundation.

Pier & Beam Foundation- This is another very popular foundation option. This is a foundation that lifts the home about 2 feet off of the ground and creates a small crawl space underneath the home. This type of foundation is great for flood susceptible areas because it keeps your actual home off of the ground.

Basement Foundation- It is exactly what it sounds like. This will be about 8 feet down with a concrete flooring and then walls to stabilize.

Different Ways To Repair Your Foundation

Foundation repairs can be somewhat complicated in the sense that there are different techniques to use for different situations. Based on your home, foundation and damages is how the professional foundation repair company will choose what method to use when repairing your foundation. Let’s go through a few different types of options that they might use, so you know exactly what to expect when they tell you which option they’re choosing to go with.

Steel Piers- Steel piers are one of the most common ways that a professional might repair your foundation. Steel piers are your typical style of piers that most professionals will use, but they are made from steel. Most people choose this because it is very durable and strong making it great for heavier homes or just for a long term repair. Steel can last up to 150 years, making these repairs very durable for a long period of time.

Helical Piers-  This is another popular pier that is used to repair foundations. Helical piers are the best option and are great to use if the soil under your home is not the best. Helical piers basically have a corkscrew type of design that helps to drive them deep into your soil. They are the most versatile type of pier which makes it very popular among foundation repairs.

Concrete Piers- Concrete piers are actually used for the pre-construction phase of structures, but they can also be used for repairs. They are custom built based on your soil and they are a permanent repair for your foundation.

High-Density Polyurethane Foam- High-density polyurethane foam is a quick and easy repair and is typically used in emergency cases. This type of repair is easily accessible and great for time sensitive projects.

Segmented Piers- These segmented piers are more new to the market and they are a budget friendly option. They are cylindrical in shape and made of concrete. They are pushed into the soil just like the other pier options.

Spot Piers- Spot piers are more for lightweight projects. You wouldn’t necessarily put them directly under your home, but they will be perfect for supporting a porch area. They are installed by hand digging and placing the concrete in.

Masonry Patches/ Sealants-  Sealants and masonry patches are perfect if your foundation is already made of concrete. It’s basically a substance that helps to reinforce your concrete foundation.

Slab Jacking- Slab jacking is another great option for if your foundation is already made from concrete. This is a method that includes drilling holes into your concrete foundation and inserting foam and grout to fill them and lift your foundation in a short amount of time.

Invest in Foundation Repair to Keep Your Home Stable & Secure!

Foundation repairs are a necessary thing and should be addressed as soon as there is a problem. Professional contractors will do the job with great quality and timing, so it’s important to use a professional to do your foundation repairs. Based on your foundation as well as the damages, will determine what method of repairing that they will do. Overall, this will help you to understand a bit more about what exactly these professionals are doing and why they chose this method of repair, giving you more peace of mind when it comes to your foundation.

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