4 Tips for Choosing Between Carbon and Ceramic Window Tint

Window tinting is quite common these days, and you can install it on your house or a vehicle. There are many reasons why people are choosing this option. First of all, it can improve visual features. Also, your home can become more energy efficient. While these windows are looking more attractive, their main feature is that they can prevent dangerous UV light and prevent the heat from getting through the window.

Therefore, it will be much easier to control the temperature of the room, which is especially important during summer, when electricity bills could become much higher due to air-conditioning. Another excellent thing is that they will provide more privacy, and you won’t even need curtains anymore since people cannot see through these windows from the outside.

While installation of these windows became a trend in recent years, especially when it comes to houses and cars, commercial buildings are using this option for a very long time. The most important thing before you choose a model is to learn more about different options like ceramic window tint, carbon, and other materials. Here are some tips that will help you choose between carbon and ceramic.

1. Learn More About the Features

We will start with the ceramic model. First of all, we have to mention that it is more expensive than some other options, but it can bring many advantages. First of all, it will last for a much longer time. Implementing this on the windows will make them look much better, while it will also represent another layer of protection that makes it impossible to scratch them.

Even in a situation where there is a damage mark, you can simply replace the tint, which is much more affordable than replacing the whole glass. Also, it will prevent dangerous waves from getting through the glass and make it much safer to sit near the window during the day.

On the other side, it will block only lights, while some frequencies won’t be prevented, which can be the case with some other options where you might lose signal to your internet or mobile data. One of the most popular models is the one that prevents people from the outside to see through the window, while you will not notice the difference when being inside.

When it comes to carbon, it is even more efficient in terms of blocking dangerous lights. Also, it has improved features related to blocking the heat from getting through the glass. That is one of the main reasons why this option is so popular for vehicles, making the air-condition systems much more effective. Besides that, we have to mention the visual appearance, which is significantly improved with this option.

2. Make a Choice According to Your Preferences

It depends on your preferences when it comes to the selection between these two options. If the main reason why you want to install tints is related to improving the visual features, you should choose a carbon tint with lower density since it will be much cheaper, but will provide the same visual effects. The great thing is that your windows will be in matte color, and won’t reflect any light.

On the other side, the best solution for homes is ceramic due to its features that will improve energy efficiency and help you save a lot of money on utilities. The layer of protection will also make the windows stronger, resistant to scratches, and it will be more difficult to break them as well.

3. Consider the Price


The price depends on where you want to install this protection. When it comes to vehicles, ceramic might be a better option since it is offering longer duration and improved protection against light. However, carbon provides much better visual features. The ceramic is more expensive, but it is not that crucial when it comes to vehicles since the difference can be only $100 or $200.

On the other side, it can be a huge difference when you are installing tints on the house. Even though the first option is more expensive, you have to consider the efficiency, and how much money it can save you over time because you will save a lot on lower electricity consumption.

4. Hire a Professional

If you are not sure which of these models is the most suitable for your needs, the best solution is to hire an expert who will examine your home and provide you with the right tips for making the best choice. For example, your home might already be efficient enough so you won’t need the ceramic.

Also, if you are surrounded by larger buildings, and not getting enough sunlight, but you find it unpleasant that people from other apartments can see through your windows, carbon can easily resolve that. Therefore, you won’t need to keep your dark curtains over the windows anymore.

Last Words


Another important thing to know is that there is a difference in structure when it comes to models for cars and homes. Therefore, they are providing different features. The most important for cars is to prevent heat and sunlight, while UV radiation and protection are the main focus of home tints.

As we already mentioned, one of the main advantages is heat reduction, which will allow you to save a lot on lower energy consumption. Since green energy and saving are the biggest trends these days, it is not a surprise that so many people are interested in these layers. It will make the inside of the house healthier and safer since it will block the radiation from the sunlight.

If you don’t know how to choose between them, consider the anti-glare effect and the ability to prevent the reflection and the ability of people to see through the windows from the outside. Also, the price can be an important factor for homes since ceramic is more expensive option. When it comes to energy efficiency, it is recommended for areas with hot summers because it will make it much easier to keep the right temperature.

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