What’s the Difference Between Triple Card Poker and Texas Hold’em?

When we are talking about gambling, the easiest way to describe this activity is to say that it is a process when a player can receive something for nothing. Without any doubt, this is one of the urges that make people return even when they suffer a major loss, financially. Another reason is the adrenaline rush that makes people strive for more playing, no matter how much they have won or lose.

Today, we can see that there are a lot of different forms of gambling. Since there are so many of them to choose from, being good at all these games is not possible. There are two categories where you can place all of these games. The first category is where we can put games of chance, and the second one is where we can put the games that require some skill to master.

Among the most widespread casino games that require a level of skill on a player’s behalf is poker. Still, we can see that there are a couple of versions of these games. While they may look similar, there are some crucial differences between them. The two most popular ones are triple card poker and Texas Hold’em. Now, let’s see what are these two, and what are the major alterations.

Triple Card Poker


Triple card poker is one of the newest versions of this highly popular game. Many people make the mistake of thinking that this is the name of the game we’ve seen in Westerns. When you compare it to some other variations, this is a much newer version. Since this is the case, it is safe to say that players at that time had much less competition than it is the case with modern versions of this game.

The reason is that it has only one player, but we will talk about this aspect in greater detail when we talk about the alterations. It has a different structure than the vast majority of some other versions. Some would even say that it has the simplest rules. However, we cannot make such a bold statement, even if we know all the most significant versions.

The game was invented back in the mid-nineties. When the game begins, the gambler gets three cards and makes a bet on whether he has a stronger hand than his opponent, or in this case, the dealer. So, there is no combination besides the one you have in your hands. Now, let’s see the basics of the most sought-after variations of this fantastic and exciting game. If you need more information you can visit

Texas Hold’em


Without any doubt, we can say that Texas Hold’em is the most prevalent of all the forms out there. If you take a look at how popular it is on social media, like Facebook, where millions of people from all over the world participate in this one. We can see that there are a plethora of tournaments organized throughout the world. It is practically the only one you will see on TV. Chances of seeing some other ones are rather slim.

The game is played in the following way. Two players, on the left side of the dealer, are required to pose small and big blinds at the beginning of the game. With each hand, these are moved further to the left. When the circle is complete, these two blinds are returning to two players who posted in the beginning. Everyone present at the table will receive two of them.

Everyone at the table makes the decision depending on what others before them have done. When the circle is complete, in a way when the bets are equal for anyone, the dealer puts three cards on the deck. After two more circles, there are two more cards on the deck. When this is done, the players are determining whether they should continue betting based on the mixture they came up with.

It needs to be said that learning the basics of this game is rather easy. Still, we can say that mastering it completely is something that only a handful of professional players, like Daniel Negreanu, have succeeded at. The reason is some players are great at bluffing. Seeing right through them is impossible in a vast majority of situations. Some even consider this version to be the hardest to master.

What are the Differences?


When we take a look at all the differences between these two versions, we can even say that these are two completely different games. Naturally, they have the same foundation, but their evolution was completely different. With the second one, the player doesn’t have any competition besides the dealer. While this may look like something that makes it easy for the gambler, believe us, it doesn’t.

Since there are no more opportunities besides the three you will get, you cannot make any sort of combination. You invest all your hope into what you have already received. Naturally, you can receive a wide array of different combinations. But you don’t know whether you should place a bet on what you have, because the dealer can have a much stronger mixture in his hands.

Many people don’t prefer this variation because the possibilities are rather limited when you compare them to some other ones. In Texas Hold’em, you can have up to five cards in a combination, since you have five cards on the deck. We are talking about one of the greatest differences between these two versions. The last one we would like to point out is that Texas Hold’em is a much more popular version of the game in this day and age.

The Conclusion

As you can see, we are talking about a game that has a lot of different varieties. The decision on which one of these you will choose depends solely on your preferences. Here, you can take a look at key differences between Texas Hold’em and triple card poker. We are sure you will find this insight useful. Choosing the one that suits you perfectly is a step towards being successful.

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