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What are the things that turn a person towards the abuse of alcohol and drugs? There are many reasons due to which a completely healthy person can end up using these harmful things and damaging his health, both physical and mental. An addict is not only harmful to himself but also to the people in his environment. He is not able to function as a normal individual in society. Drugs pose dangerous effects on physical and mental health. They cause cancers of the heart, liver, kidneys, etc., and various issues like breathing disorders. There are various causes of addiction.

1. Easy availability of alcohol and drugs


One of the main problems that need to be addressed in countries where alcohol is legal is that the government should make sure that these harmful substances should not be so easily available that the young generation can easily buy them. Young people sometimes get fake identification cards and buy alcohol quite easily. Moreover, some parents do not keep a check on their kids about what kind of company they are keeping and due to staying in bad company, kids sometimes start delivering drugs while working for drug dealers for some money.

2. Peer pressure among teens

People are known by the company they keep and it is important that a person should keep a good company right from the beginning. Bad friends who do not care about your well-being can get you among the wrong crowds and wrong tasks. Peer pressure is one of the major reasons why teens and young adults become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Sometimes, a person may not even want to use these substances but their so-called friends force them into doing these things and end up ruining their health and eventually their lives, in case they become addicted.

3. Overuse of prescription drugs


It is not only harmful substances like alcohol, crystal meth, cocaine, or marijuana to which people can become addicted but also prescription drugs, especially fentanyl, oxycodone, meperidine, or some other pain killers. If these medicines are used for a longer period of time than necessary then the body becomes used to its dosage and they stop having an effect or relieving the pain, which causes the patient to increase their amount as time goes on and keeps damaging the health.

4. Issues regarding mental health

Mental health issues are also one of the leading causes of substance abuse. Depression and anxiety disorders have become very common these days and people who suffer from these disorders often turn to the overuse of alcohol or the misuse of drugs in hopes of finding an escape from the horrors of these disorders. In reality, the escape or relief they get from abusing substances is only short-lived, and all that happens in further deterioration of their health which is why the right way to fight these disorders is to take help from psychologists or psychiatrists instead of drugs.

5. Problems at the workplace


Hard jobs or bosses who make their employees work harder than is necessary without giving them proper time to rest or even proper salary are extremely pressurizing for said employees. Moreover, bullying, racial discrimination, and harassment are also very common at workplaces. People who do not have a proper channel to relieve all this stress from their minds often turn to drugs or alcohol to find temporary relief.

6. Chaotic home environment

A person’s home should be a safe space for him and his family. If someone comes home from a stressful day at their workplace and finds a chaotic environment at home, they may again try to find relief through drugs. Moreover, when a person is under the influence, he is not aware of most of his actions and he can become a danger to his family. There are several cases shown in the news where such people ended up hurting their families and even young children when they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

7. How to get rid of substance addiction?


As aforementioned, there are numerous causes of addiction and their effects are significantly harmful. It takes courage for any person to admit that they need help in case they are sick or have a problem and when they do ask for help, then a suitable rehab center can be selected where he will be admitted and his recovery process will start. First of all, the professionals will carry out a thorough check-up of the individual and go through all his medical history. In the next step, the doctor prescribes a unique treatment plan and the process starts officially. Get more info here.

Rehab centers take on a holistic approach to help their patients meaning that they do not just remove the toxins from the patients’ bodies but also make sure that their physical and mental health is taken care of. For this purpose, there are professionals available at the centers at all times should a patient become sick. The psychologists try to help the patients discover the root cause of their issues due to which they became addicted to toxins and then help to teach them how to overcome their issues. A patient may not be able to recover completely until the root cause is addressed and the issues are solved.

It is not just harmful during the recovery process but also after the person becomes healthy again because these issues are the main triggers that may cause relapse. Relapse is when a convalescent returns to the use of drugs or alcohol after a period of improvement. Relapse always remains a possibility in the life of an ex-addict which is why he needs to do his best to overcome his issues, remain strong and steadfast so that he may continue to live as a healthy person. The rehabilitation process is not a child’s play and requires utmost effort, therefore, a person who overcomes his addiction should know that he has worked hard for his health and deserves to live a healthy and happy life.

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