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Moka Pot vs Espresso Maker: Differences You Need to Know!

Espresso is one of the most popular drinks in the world. But while most coffee drinkers can agree that it’s wonderfully delicious, some say you don’t need to invest in an espresso machine to drink it.

Because it turns out the Moka pot is an inexpensive alternative and can brew a strong coffee that’s very similar to an espresso.

There are good reasons for choosing one over the other, but if you’re not sure which is better, we’re here to help! Let’s start by answering the question “what’s the difference between a Moka pot and espresso maker?”

What’s the difference between a Moka Pot and Espresso Maker?


When it comes to Moka pots vs espresso makers, most people ask about the coffee these machines can make and the taste. Moka pots are most well-known for homemade coffees, like Cuban coffee. While espresso makers are often used professionally.

Although if you used the best Cuban coffee beans in your espresso maker, I’m sure they could make a phenomenal Cuban coffee as well!

But from a technical standpoint, their main differences include, how they operate, and the strength of the brew.

Operating differences


Moka pots are stovetop coffee makers that contain two chambers. The lower chamber is filled with water and heated.

As the water starts to boil, steam rises up through the ground beans, and coffee is extracted. The coffee is then collected in the Moka pot’s top chamber.

By comparison, espresso makers operate by forcing hot, pressurized water through a puck of ground beans to create a concentrated cup of coffee.

The basic idea behind these two devices is similar, but espresso machines are more complicated because, unlike Moka pots, they aim to keep the water temperature, pressure, and other variables as consistent as possible.

Strength of the Brew

Espresso machines brew coffee using 9 bars of pressure. This is 9 times the pressure exerted by the atmosphere!

While the Moka pot only exerts about 2-3 bars of pressure. This pressure difference allows an espresso maker to extract more coffee and create a stronger brew.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Moka pots and Espresso makers


Each of these machines is awesome in its own way, but they both have drawbacks as well as benefits.

Moka pots are affordable, simple to use, and can brew multiple cups of coffee at once! However, the quality of the coffee can be inconsistent and there’s no crema.

Espresso makers can give you consistent, professional-grade espresso, (with crema!) But they’re very expensive, require more maintenance, and have a learning curve.

Which is Better: Moka pot or Espresso Machine?



The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for in an espresso maker.

If you just want a simple, easy-to-use machine that can make a Cuban coffee or a base for other espresso drinks, then go with a Moka pot.

But if you want a professional-grade espresso and don’t mind learning to use a more complicated machine, then an espresso machine may be the way to go.


The differences between Moka pots and espresso machines are significant. But at the end of the day, they’re both excellent devices for brewing a strong cup of coffee.

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